Maisie Williams is requesting people to stop buying tickets for Live Dolphin Shows

Maisie Williams is a famous actress who has made it great in entertainment. Maisie is the global ambassador for Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project. Maisie Williams has become the latest celebrity to support the campaign advocating for saving the Dolphins. Others are Sting, Brian May Queen and Daryl Hannah.

According to Maisie the best way to save the Dolphins is to stop buying tickets for the marine show. The 19 years old actress who is a star in the Game of Thrones film hopes that her social media influence will benefit the cause. Maisie Williams has 1.5 million followers on twitter as well as 4 million on Instagram.

The protests against the dolphin’s hunt were initiated by Flapper TV series dolphin trainer Ric O’Barry. This was in relation to dolphins hunt and kill in a small town in Japan called Taiji. He initiated the efforts in “The Cove” film, which depicts a group of dolphins being killed.

The dolphins that are killed are sold for meat, while the best-looking ones are sold to shows and aquariums. Maisie Williams notes that the dolphin hunt project is benefiting a small group of fishermen in Taiji. “It is not an attack on Japan or Taiji whatsoever,” she said. “Honestly this is not an attack on anyone in specific.”

Shockingly, Hunters in Taiji are defending the act as tradition. But, eating of dolphins is a rare act in Japan. In fact, the Japanese government defends whaling as research.

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