Ariana Grande and Madonna Twerks Onstage at Malawi Benefit Concert in Miami Beach

It was a night to remember as Ariana Grande and Madonna entertained fans on Friday, December 2, 2016, in Miami Beach, Florida. In fact, Madonna contributed a massive $ 7.5 million to the concert. The concert was meant to generate funds to benefit Malawi (the raising African Nation).

The concert was a star-studded one. Ariana Grande, 23 and Madonna, 58 ensured that their audience was fully entertained has they shook their derrieres. Indeed, Madonna’s short skirt hardly covered her bum. Adriana’s blazer was taken off by Madonna at some stage as they set the stage on fire.

Ariana Grande is famous for her hit song “side to side”. It was a night to savor not only for the audience but also for Ariana Grande. Her pairing with the famous Madonna will be a hard one to forget. Madonna is a pop icon who has rocked the entertainment scene for a long time.

Actually, Ariana revealed her joy by sharing an Instagram mirror selfie image as she wore an ensemble from Madonna’s tour wardrobe. She was thankful to the pop icon for giving her the opportunity to be a part of the significant event.

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